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Marcus Jones

Mr. Jones attended St. Phillips College than transferred to Gramblin University as an audio engineer. Due to injuries transferred to TAID. He has a degree in music and video business from The Art institute of Dallas. He is part of the Alumni of Gramblin University, a proud member of Groove Phi Groove Social Fellowship INC. Currently residing in Mesquite, TX since 1993, he begin coaching. In 1998 establishing Red Warriors Elite as a church league basketball team which later became select with the help of volunteer coaches and sponsorships. 2001-Present 501(c)3 non-Profit Organization Red Warriors Basketball Elite!

Izreal Gonzalez

Fundamentals Coach

 Mr. Gonzalez owns his own mechanic shop in Forney, TX. Coaching his own sons in Baseball and Basketball during his free time, parents love his patience and understanding of learning the basics first. Coach Izzy is a perfect fit for ages 6-12.

Thank you for visiting RED WARRIORS Select Basketball website.Our motto is raise leaders not just players. Since 1998 Our coaches have been concentrating on the young lady's and gentlemen focusing on education and learning the game. The theory of "win, win, win," all the time is over rated and comes with disappointment and let down. We train to understand that every game from pee wee to college is practice, this allows us to grow, learn, and concentrate on being a better player/leader that your child can be. If we win a few games in the process than so be it. The satisfaction is gained by watching the young ones form a team/bond and work together to get things done. To play and learn this game the way it should be taught, with christian principles, however, still able to keep a competitive edge. Even thou we have taught different ethnic groups, the Red Warrior name  steems from the ultimate christian fighter Jesus Christ. The morals that we learn from the bible keep us focused on our mission. After all, the kids just want to play. Thank you again for entering our website. Lets us help be apart of that village in raising your leader!